Top Ayu

  • Ayu
  • Taiwan's top Ayu, black dorsal pale, yellow brown abdomen silvery white body side, Qi color orange, particularly fond of clean habits with sphagnum moss or plankton-based food, mature, who will distribute a unique melon aroma, commonly referred to as Ayu. In Taiwan, folk and more to knot the fish commonly known, may be due to their intelligence and more intellectual, in Japan it is the river treasure, since it is less hooking, it is a favorite of many anglers Creek.
  • Since the meat is soft and delicate Ayu, rich in protein, calcium and vitamins, the biggest feature is not only no fishy smell of fish, and also a hint of cucumber ˙ aroma, boiling deep-fried cooking methods are delicious steamed roast, and suitable for all ages when you purchase please identify "the industry's only through the ISO22000-2005 international food safety verification of the quality fishing" and qualified by the National ocean University and a number of aquatic production and marketing resume verification test of the Supreme fishery - Ayu products.

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